Owning a pool is fun. It’s great for exercise, relaxation or hosting parties for friends and family. But let’s be honest. Swimming pool maintenance is hard work. Not every home or business owner has the time or the expertise to properly clean, maintain or repair their pool.  Our experienced team of pool technicians utilizes the latest in equipment and swimming pool accessories to help your pool look and perform its best.

Pool owners for commercial or community use for enjoyment have a much higher standard when it comes to pool service. The reasons are simple. Because we live in a climate with great year-round weather, there’s never a bad time to use your swimming pool.  It’s one thing to keep your pool clean and maintained; but what happens when you need to install, repair or replace new parts? 

Bright Pools can take care of everything, regardless of how big or small the job.

Bright Pools provides the following pool services in the Greater Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Coquitlam areas:

• Pool Maintenance
• Spa Maintenance
• Pool Repair
• Chemical and pH Balancing
• Pool Cleaning Service
• Spa Repair and much more

A well-maintained swimming pool allows everyone to enjoy their experience, you’re ensuring your pool is both safe and energy efficient. The consequences of neglecting your pool can be severe. A dirty pool can cause eye and skin irritations and aggravate allergies. Even if your pool appears clean, it’s also important to make sure your pool’s water is chemically balanced. In addition to providing pool service, our professionals can also install and repair and maintain hot tubs and spas as we deal with many products including but not limited to Pentair, Swimquip, Jacuzzi, Hayward, Laars and Jandy.

In addition to providing routine pool and spa service, Bright Pools also has access to a complete line of great swimming pool accessories. Select from the best brands of pool pumps, pool cleaners, filters, lights, spa equipment, salt chlorine generators and much more.

Our pool experts can address any of your questions or concerns pertaining to supplies and pool service in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby & Coquitlam,North Vancouver, New Westminster and West Vancouver BC call us today at 604-980-3838.

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Pool and Spa Services by Bright Pools

Bright Pools currently services the Greater Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Coquitlam, North Vancouver New Wesminster and West Vancouver areas. We cater to Commercial & Community spas and pools as well we do service Residential Pools.

If you have any questions please give us a call so we can help your pool or spa keep its beautiful crystal clear water!

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