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Residential Pool Cleaning Services

Regular pool maintenance can be a job itself. Skimming, vacuuming, checking the pH balance in the
water and making sure all the equipment is working properly can be a hassle.
This is an amenity meant to be enjoyed to induce relaxation, not anxiety!

The only thing that can kill the gleeful thought of jumping into refreshing water on a hot day is worrying if the pool is clean and safe or not. The experts at Bright Pools can help keep your pool and or spa up and running throughout your busy year so that you can enjoy when the water when you want to!

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During the hot summer months the only thing more refreshing than a cold drink is a dip in the pool.

The only thing more irritating than the humidity is discovering that your concrete pond has been coated in a layer of green slime. The longer you neglect the water and lining, the longer it will take to clean when you finally decide to do it.

Neglecting the water can cause unsanitary conditions and safety hazards for you and your swimmers. Stagnant water carries bacteria and germs that can cause serious illness and infections to anyone who ingests it. The only way to prevent your oasis from turning swamp is to clean it regularly, or hire a pool maintenance company such as Bright Pools!

With our regular pool maintenance package, you’ll never have to worry about the pump breaking or needing a repair. Along with weekly cleanings, our technicians will check up on the pool’s machinery to make sure that everything is working properly. Broken parts that go unnoticed can cause irreparable damage to the pump. If the machinery stops working, the water becomes stagnant. A working pump keeps your water circulating and helps prevent bacterial growth and unwanted algae buildup.

Pool Maintenance:

Checking pH Levels
Adding Chemicals

Only a professional can truly keep your water at the ideal chemical level, that’s why you should leave pool maintenance to the trained technicians.

Many people believe that using chlorine is enough to kill illness-causing bacteria. Unfortunately,
UV light and heat break down the chlorine quickly leaving you exposed to microorganisms. Also, many bacteria and viruses have become resistant to this chemical. Our technicians will test the levels in your water to determine the best sanitizers for your water.
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CALL US   604-980-3838