Let us handle your Pool  & Spa Maintenance

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Hiring a professional pool service company protects one of your most valuable investments-your pool and/or spa! Keeping the equipment working properly and the water chemistry balanced allows you to enjoy your pool or spa instead of chasing down chemicals, educating yourself, and making time for maintenance.

We take great pride in taking care of your pool for you. Our knowledgeable staff keeps your pool clean and safe and performs the following tasks to ensure your pool is clean and sanitized:

Weekly monitoring and maintaining of pool water chemistry

Brush pool walls, skim water surface, and clean waterline tiles, backwash filter, vacuum pool floor.

One of the many advantages of our Pool Maintenance Program is that our maintenance technicians are professional and qualified. We not only keep your pool sparkling clean, but we also can repair and replace your pool equipment as needed. Our team of experts makes sure you get the quality service you expect from a swimming pool service company.


What is the difference between hiring a  pool cleaning company and doing it yourself ?

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CALL US   604-980-3838